Happy 2017!

What a whirlwind year it has been. Despite the unfortunate election results, we believe the power of the people is stronger than the people in power. That is why All Is Fair is pleased to be a part of NASTY FOLK exhibition.

In the meantime, we are holding off our webstore as we prepare new garments and new orders to fill our currently low inventory. Any questions can be directed to allisfairinloveandwear@gmail.com

On January 20th we will be hosting NASTY FOLK.
1750 Belleview Ave
A celebratory avoidance of the inauguration
Sponsored by Palomino Woodworks, we will be raising money for the ACLU in solidarity. Make a gift certificate of services rendered with your name and phone number and mail to or drop it off at
116 West 18th Street Kansas City MO 64108-something to the effect of $100. 
Do you edit, account, sing songs, cut hair, bake pies, grow flowers, mow lawns, write poems, install lights, massage, announce, auction, coach, clean, draw, mend, listen well, advise, polish, paint, design, demolish? Your time and energy will be plucked off the wall by someone who needs what you have and that money will go to the ACLU. 
Small creative things, lovely objects and bottles of things can be delivered on January 15th 12-5 to 1750 Belleview. Perishables can be delivered on the 20th 12-9pm.