"WE DON'T CARE" ADA-compliant Bathroom Sign

We have created this ADA-compliant bathroom sign (complete with Braille) that can be used at any business or residence. We believe the future is Non-Binary, and quite frankly, we don't care who uses our bathroom because ALL are welcome.  Each sign is numbered and signed by designer, Peregrine Honig. 10% of profits will be donated to the KC Care Clinic - a strong advocate and supporter of the local LGBT community.  Let's be a part of the conversation that allows for evolution, dignity, and grace. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery. #allisfairinloveandwear #transisbeautiful #wedontcare #letthempee

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Check out All Is Fair's new space, complete with pool theme. Blue reflective floors, bleachers, lockers, and even a tiled changing room all allude to the pool, a very gender neutral space. Listen to Jenna Squires and Mark Allen discuss recent developments and the art show curated for the recent NCECA conference in Kansas City.


Welcome to All Is Fair! Watch the video below to meet Dani and Jenna, our two amazing models. They discuss their personal trans experience, preferred pronouns, passing privilege,  and a few unspoken rules everyone should know. #pronounsmatter

 Meet Jenna, who is an  All Is Fair model,  a Navy Veteran,  and construction worker. After meeting AIF founder,  Peregrine Honig,  she moved to Kansas City to become a part of the project.  She single-handedly renovated the store, creating a beautiful blue pool-like floor and tiling the large and  luxurious dressing salon also known as the “Safe Room.”

“I prefer  'she.' I’ve personally asked my family and people I know, but some continue to use the pronouns I don’t prefer. We still live in a dichotomous binary world, where passing privilege can mean a lot in the community. So, remember that #pronounsmatter "-Jenna

Meet Dani, one of All Is Fair’s amazing models. A bit of a grease-monkey,  he enjoys working on old cars.  He also loves skateboarding and is an active member of the local Kansas City transgender community.

“I’m not trying to be a hero here, I’m just trying to live. Everyone has a body -- some people are uncomfortable with other people’s bodies. But it’s your body -- you make it yours. You need to find your comfort within yourself.” -Dani

Watch our video above, produced by Scenic RD

People all over the world cross the gender divide and they deserve to reframe and reform without limitation.

So, we are developing a line of intimates: binders, enhancers, contour garments, beautifully designed daywear, and loungewear, that serves a transcending community.

We are addressing the challenges of a population determined to appear in public, as they feel in private. This takes time and sensitivity, research, and support.

Everybody wants to dress as they see themselves, so we're building a brand that is inclusive and progressive.

All Is Fair is designing and producing apparel that considers the space between what is private and what is public.

Let's be a part of the conversation that allows for evolution, dignity, and grace.