Binder Providers List 2019

Binder Providers List 2019

Looking for a new binder?

We’ve crawled around the web to find every binder provider and give you the who’s-who on binder brands and providers.

Each provider has a different:

- fits

- fabric quality

- cut/design/style

- price

What works for one person may not work best for you!

So, let’s explore your options!

Be wary of binders with velcro, eye-hooks, full zippers or other adjustable elements. These may work for some folks, but since they can prove difficult to get on and provide adequate compression, and they’re also easy to over-bind with, we don’t usually recommend them.

If you see listings for "swimming binders” these are binders made of fabrics resistant to chlorine (and other pool chemicals) or that retain their lifespan after exposure to those chemicals or being worn for long in water. However, this does not mean they are made to accomodate the movements of actual swimming. Binding restricts lung capacity and movement: PLEASE refrain from increased physical exertion while binding; PLEASE refrain from swimming while binding, especially in deep water. This may put you at greater risk of drowning or injury. “Swimming binders” are a great option for binding in a pool or spending time in water, but not for actual swimming. Please keep that in mind.

For more information on binder safety, please visit


New Rules Compression Wear is one of our partnered binder brands, local to Kansas City. Founded by compression wear and surgical garment expert Laura Treas, New Rules provides extremely comfortable and effective binders that are made to order.

New Rules specializes in both pre- and post-surgical binders of the upmost quality. If you have any questions or like to schedule a fitting, you can ask through the New Rules Facebook page, or you can ask us!

Danaë is a trans-friendly Dutch brand that designs and sells garments for both trans-masculine and trans-feminine folks.

Their binders are simple and functional, made with organic cotton, and colors are limited to black, beige, and white.

Their binders range $35-74 with plus and tailor-made sizes available for an added fee. Some of their styles even provide the choice of "extra-strong” material and/or adjustable straps for an added cost. Danaë will even accept bank transfer payments if you don’t have a credit/debit card. Keep in mind that these are shipping from overseas, so prepare for higher shipping costs and longer wait times.

They provide adequate comfort, their quality is often praised, and they’re great for wearing for longer periods. However, some report they may not compress as much as other providers. But, like we said, everyone is different: what works for others may not work for you; what works for you may not work for others.


ESHA is a China-based, lesbian-owned brand established in 2005, named after a Chinese lesbian night club (run by the same owner). They feature a variety of designs, some in bright pastel colors, which are often carried by LOVE BOAT.

They also carry masc underwear and a swimming binder design. But keep in mind that since this a Chinese brand: their sizing is generally much smaller; measurements will be in centimeters and kilograms; they don’t have the same "trans" culture as us, so this brand is (and many other Asian brands are) for “lesbians” and “tomboys”–expect to see a lot of that language used. We recommend them for smaller bodies and chests.

Their price range is $30-74, but keep in mind that delivery to the US will add a fee of $31 and shipping may take some time. But they provide great compression and a variety of comfortable designs.

Underworks F2M Binders

F2M Binders at Underworks is a leading binder provider due to their economic but effective design. F2M is a branch of compression wear provider Underworks that sells their gynecomastia compression wear design to the trans community as binders. While they were originally for cis bodies, and may not accomodate trans bodies entirely, these are common 1st binders since they’re affordable and shipping is fast.

These are available in limited colors and made of fabric that’s fairly unforgiving, which makes compression effective, but some may find the fabric irritating. We do not recommend Underworks for those with sensitive skin (or those who are hypertactile). But regardless, this is a binder you are going to feel after wearing it a while. These are also reported to have fairly short lifespans, with many buyers needing to replace them after 2-4 months.

Their binders range from $18-40. We recommend their cropped or “tri-top” binders, as the longer styles are prone to roll up (which can cause discomfort). These are not made for comfort, but definitely worth trying if you want to bind quickly and cheaply. These are recommended for most body types.

FLAVNT Streetwear

FLAVNT Streetwear is a trans-owned brand that popped up a few years back in Austin, Texas. They sell LGBTQ+ shirts and merch, and have a line of Bareskin binders designed to match closely to a variety of skin tones. They have five colors now in a single cropped style, from a peachy “Rose” (right) to a dark “Umber” (center) all priced at $50.

The material is soft and comfortable, and we’ve heard the straps don’t cut into your shoulders like other brands might. Their fabric does make an audible crinkling sound when you move around, but it’s still a fairly discreet binder. Plus, the material is safe for swimming.

The only downside is that their sizing is limited in certain colors. When we searched earlier (late 2018/early 2019) there were no Rose available at all, and sizing was super limited in all colors except the two darkest.


gc2b is a trans-owned binder brand based in Maryland. They carry both pride apparel and binders and, with the launch of their ALL NUDE collection earlier this year, they feature the widest color selection available. They come in two simple styles: a half-binder priced at $33 and a full tank at $35.

Another common 1st binder, gc2b binders are praised for being affordable, while their fabric and quality is comparable to Underworks. It’s still not forgiving, but definitely softer. We’ve found that the general community consensus is that Underworks compresses slightly more, but gc2b is more slightly more comfortable (which is subjective/debatable of course).

We recommend this brand for all body types, but by community accounts, the cut may not be the most comfortable for larger bodies. Regardless, this is another binder that you’re probably going to feel after a while. But for the price, the compression and comfort is hard to beat.


LOVE BOAT is a Taiwanese retailer that carries a variety of Asian binder brands (under “Corset” on their English translated page), many listed here (sometimes for cheaper than what you can find on the original sites).

They have a large variety of different binder styles and types, ranging from $22 to $58, with some pricier ~$90 reinforced and swim options. We’ve heard great things about their selection and their individual providers’ compression and comfort. It’s still worth mentioning that Asian brands = Asian sizes: be aware and double-check their sizing. While they are based overseas, they ship quickly with an $8 5-14 day International and $30 3-5 day International option.

Note: LOVE BOAT was under fire earlier in 2018 for claims that their binders cause severe rib cage warping. However, upon further investigation, these claims seem to be linked to a brand that LOVE BOAT carried online years before called Ancient King Fish. LOVE BOAT no longer carries them, and while any binder can cause skeletal issues, especially if used without the safest practices: PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ANY BINDER from ANCIENT KING FISH or AKF. Be wary of the quality of binders that you don’t pay at least $20 for.


myDOUBLE DESIGNS (Double, DoubleT, Double Design, DD) is an LGBT-directed brand with a wide variety of binder styles and a masc underwear line. Their prices range from $55-80 (free shipping in US) with a $114 2-piece swim binder option. They’ve got comfortable designs that compress well, but we do hear mixed things from larger-chested folks.

All in all, not too many negatives here, but we’ve heard that compression is either completely flattening or just “okay.” We also recommend being wary of velcro and zipper options (we know it sounds nice, but just trust us on this).

Part of their selection is carried on LOVE BOAT, and you may even find what you’re looking for cheaper there (not sure how that works, but not complaining).


Shapeshifters is a trans-owned brand based in Vermont that specializes in custom-made binders. They have the widest variety of fabrics and materials (they may technically beat out gc2b as far as options go), so if you want your binder to be a stylish addition to your wardrobe or an abstract expression of your queerness, this might be the brand for you.

Prices range from $45-75 in sports bras, crop top binders, full and extra-long binders. They even have a clearance selection, custom prints (starting @ $80), and cosplay binders (starting @ $100). Add-ons like pockets or racer-back cuts are also available.

The downside is that since these are custom orders, these are going to take some time: they have a wait-time estimator on their site which at the time of writing this is anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Not to mention, the fabrics used are not always conducive to compression, so flattening results may vary. We’ve also heard of a few cases where requested sizing wasn’t correct or where the sewing quality wasn’t the best, but these seem to be rare cases.

You can’t find customization like this anywhere else right now, which is great for our larger-bodied folks. (This email may cut off at this point. Click “View Full Email” to see the other providers)


T-Kingdom is another brand carried on LOVE BOAT, based in Taiwan. Styles range from $45-80 and are comfortable and tight.

That being said we recommend these for smaller to medium bodies and chests, but don’t recommend these for much larger (again, Asian sizing conventions here).

These are often called "LOVE BOAT" binders, so anything said about LOVE BOAT’s stuff could maybe apply here, but we while we’ve heard that these are comfortable, we’re looking for more information on T-Kingdom specifically. Have you ordered from T-Kingdom? If you have, let us know what you thought! We can help other people with similar bodies know if this will be a good/not-so-good fit for them too!


T-One is another LOVE BOAT brand based in Taiwan, with an expanded selection on their own site. They have a selection of stylish cropped binders ranging from $22-80 (regularly 30-85, but they have some markdowns right now).

We still recommend being wary of adjustable and fully zip-able binders, and we would imagine their binders are best for smaller bodies and chests.

But there are almost no reviews for T-One online! This is one of a few brands that we’d like to just introduce to the community as a viable option. Have you ordered from T-One? Maybe you heard about them from us? Let us know what you thought, so we can collect more information and develop a comprehensive look at all binder providers world wide! The more providers we’re knowledgeable of, the more we can help the whole trans community! Email if you have information or a review.

Please talk to us if you have any further questions, thoughts, or reviews!

We can help guide you in the right direction based on your measurements, budget, skin sensitivity, discretion—any thing you can think of, we’ll point you in the best direction!

–The AIF Team