why we're pausing our binder sales for the moment...

Hey! We've been running for just over a year now, we've sold both binders and bathroom signs across the US and five other countries, and we're excited many are excited about brand and our mission! However, we've received a great deal of feedback regarding our original binder design, and so we're going to address that feedback now.


So what feedback have we gotten & what are we changing?

Our sizing has been a huge concern! We've had multiple requests for smaller sizes and most of our new size submissions were in a range smaller than even the sizes we were in the middle of developing. So we are reworking our sizes to accommodate those individuals. We're also redesigning our binders to provide greater compression across the sizes, as it has been less than ideal in some cases.

We're changing manufacturers so that we have more transparency of the production process, and so that we can provide the same transparency to you! We're also use stronger and more sophisticated construction methods to improve our binders' longevity and compression.

Aside from those issues, we're working to make our products more affordable

These efforts along with our new direction are being made to ensure that we're holding ourselves to our own standards while listening to the community.

Stay tuned! This is a process that takes some time, but we'll keep you updated! +There's more to come outside of binders, but more on that later!